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Shoutouts Navigation: Last Shoutout by: six2go
Steve Lucas Huntington (WV), 10.17.2005
Getting thisngs started
Motomama & Willow Olathe (KS), 10.17.2005
Bonzo Chester (NY), 10.17.2005
Hey VRCC Holla!
Highlander Du Quoin (IL), 10.17.2005
Bzar Saint Paul (MN), 10.17.2005
valkrider Idaho Falls (ID), 10.17.2005
idaho falls
GotValk Champlin (MN), 10.17.2005
Nothing better than a Valk!
solo1 New Haven (IN), 10.17.2005
New Haven,In.
Conrad Birmingham (AL), 10.17.2005
My new baby
britman Roswell (GA), 10.17.2005
98 Std - two tone
Strider Broussard (LA), 10.17.2005
Valks Rule!
Capt America Des Moines (IA), 10.17.2005
Keep the shiny side up.
Iron Dragon Jeff & Rhonda Hahn Kenedy (TX), 10.17.2005
Ride On !
RDKLL Posen (MI), 10.17.2005
Hey can you see me?? I'm waving
Tigress Posen (MI), 10.17.2005
I know you cant see me,Im standing BEHIND RDKLL
bsnicely Huntington (WV), 10.17.2005
Hello from western West Virginia!!!!
Jack Roland (AR), 10.17.2005
Displaced but I like displace!
REDVALK Titus (AL), 10.17.2005
Capt America Edgewood (NM), 10.17.2005
May the Son always be at your back
RDKLL Posen (MI), 10.17.2005
Swoppie Panama City (FL), 10.17.2005
Worlds Best Beaches or so now that the condos are being built!!!!
Andy (Germany) temporary Pottstown (PA), 10.17.2005
temporary when in the states
Ebony Red Red Wing (MN), 10.17.2005
Red Wing (MN)
Andy (Germany) Berlin, Berlin (Germany), 10.17.2005
most of the time right here
T.P. Saint Paul (MN), 10.17.2005
Hornet Rochester (NY), 10.17.2005
Ride safe!
fiddle mike & Jill (the luckiest girl in Flour Bluff) Corpus Christi (TX), 10.17.2005
I'm at the end of the block!
one50npump Grain Valley (MO), 10.17.2005
Grain VAlley MO!!
Cattman Franklin (IN), 10.17.2005
Paris Paris (TN), 10.17.2005
carl simmons Knoxville (TN), 10.17.2005
1999 IS and 1998 Tourer
Thunderpigeon Milwaukee (WI), 10.17.2005
Tim D. Poolesville (MD), 10.17.2005
If you're doing a rally or ride in the Mont. Co. MD area,please let me know. tdeblois@drti.com
6-pak Akron (OH), 10.17.2005
hamming in the buckeye
Robin Rossmell Blairstown (NJ), 10.17.2005
Lets Ride
f6gal Glendale (AZ), 10.17.2005
gw Brooklyn (MS), 10.17.2005
Mississippi Boy
six2go Fort Wayne (IN), 10.17.2005
I live in my own little world,but it's ok,they know me here.
-Tom- Grant Park (IL), 10.17.2005
Grant Park IL
Psycho Glendale (AZ), 10.17.2005
Hey y'all
Hoosier Valk Indianapolis (IN), 10.17.2005
Hoosier Valk
Strider Broussard (LA), 10.17.2005
Valkyries Rock!
TJ Lake Placid (FL), 10.17.2005
Windjammer/Danny Jones Villa Park (IL), 10.17.2005
Hump of Kansas Haysville (KS), 10.17.2005
Haysville (KS)
Texas Ranger Arlington (TX), 10.17.2005
Ed and Valerie Paducah (KY), 10.17.2005
Big Bear Craig Big Bear Lake (CA), 10.17.2005
Mountain Rider
Geoff F Uckfield, England (United Kingdom), 10.17.2005
NC_Rob Sanford (NC), 10.17.2005
Sanford (NC)
Tailgunner Houston (TX), 10.17.2005
Houston Tx
goog2 South Glens Falls (NY), 10.17.2005
on way to laconia
John Kosmach Newport (AR), 10.17.2005
JV...AR VRCC State Rep
Dave Ritsema South Bend (IN), 10.17.2005
Always looking for other Indiana Valkyrie riders!
Detn8er Lancaster (SC), 10.17.2005
I'm in South ByGod Carolina
Fe_Dragon Lincoln (NE), 10.17.2005
The REAL and one and only Iron Dragon.
bigmac2 Anaheim (CA), 10.17.2005
What A Bike
charliemac Bristol (VA), 10.17.2005
Valks rule !!!
Steve Hohn Waterville (NY), 10.17.2005
"May there be a Road"
 Timbrwolf and Chili Grayling (MI), 10.17.2005
...up here in the woods of Northern Michigan....if your.re in the area...stop by....we,ll feed ya !
GigPig Gig Harbor (WA), 10.17.2005
flatsixrider Oregon City (OR), 10.17.2005
Oregon VRCC Rep. Let's ride!
Mr. Nuts Sula (MT), 10.17.2005
If you end up in the bottom left hand corner of Montana look me up!
Martin Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom), 10.17.2005

Welsh Valk Riders too! Hello there!
 Timbrwolf and Chili Grayling (MI), 10.17.2005
...up here in the woods of Northern Michigan....if your.re in the area...stop by....we,ll feed ya !
Bluegtr6 Lake Jackson (TX), 10.17.2005
Time for a Ride?
Charnie-n-Milton Salinas (CA), 10.17.2005
Prunedale (CA)
BamaJack Mc Calla (AL), 10.17.2005
Drog Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada), 10.17.2005
Hi Everyone
Blackjack Edmond (OK), 10.17.2005
Drog Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada), 10.17.2005
Okanagan Valley
Paulbs Loveland (CO), 10.17.2005
Loveland Co.
Tina u. Frimo Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), 10.17.2005
Berg. Land Löwen!
Mike and Susan Holmes Redfield (AR), 10.17.2005
You might remember susan from IZ5.
Her favorite word at the drawings was
Mistershredd Las Vegas (NV), 10.17.2005
If my windshield's on,it must be January!
Six Guns Fort Worth (TX), 10.17.2005
Fort Worth,TX
fiddle mike & Jill (the luckiest girl in Flour Bluff) Corpus Christi (TX), 10.17.2005
I'm at the last house on the block!
Cajuncpo Rohnert Park (CA), 10.17.2005
In Rohnerty Park
Phrede Burlington (KY), 10.17.2005
Black is Fastest :)
Joe P. - 17938 Cleveland (GA), 10.17.2005
Standards Rule!
sidecar53 Windsor, Ontario (Canada), 10.17.2005
2000 red/black tourer
fiddle mike & Jill (the luckiest girl in Flour Bluff) Corpus Christi (TX), 10.17.2005
fiddle mike & Jill (the luckiest girl in Flour Bluff) Corpus Christi (TX), 10.17.2005
Rowdy Newark (OH), 10.17.2005
Go Bucks !!
Jay Hetzel Woodland Park (CO), 10.17.2005
Ride on,rubber side down!
Flyboy Mesquite (TX), 10.17.2005
Charles Schandelmeier,Flyboy
Steve K Hiawatha (IA), 10.17.2005
Loveland Pass,CO
Scott Putnam (OK), 10.17.2005
Steve K Hiawatha (IA), 10.17.2005
Loveland Pass,CO
Capt. Morgan/Steve Morgan Midlothian (IL), 10.17.2005
Black is Fastest!
SimTek Mcdonough (GA), 10.17.2005
Check Six
BON Idaho Falls (ID), 10.17.2005
Howdy from Idaho Falls,Id.
Jay B Aurora (CO), 10.17.2005
Got South Denver covered!
Wegs #309 Pekin (IL), 10.17.2005
Wanna Ride?
Big Bad Jon Brookline Station (MO), 10.17.2005
1998 Standard (customized)
Silver Bullet O.G. Chicago (IL), 10.17.2005
Let's RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay B Aurora (CO), 10.17.2005
Centennial actually. This map is about 2 miles off.
Smokin Clinton (TN), 10.17.2005
Cyemm Seattle (WA), 10.17.2005
Brian in B.C. Victoria, British Columbia (Canada), 10.17.2005
Brian Miller
Dan Holmes San Jose (CA), 10.17.2005
Hey! this Salinas guy is blocking my view!
Subman Richardson (TX), 10.17.2005
Hello from Texas :) Valks Rule
Laborman Baton Rouge (LA), 10.17.2005
2005 Tourer (Red/Black - Fastest)
Baton Rouge,La
Gary M Alamosa (CO), 10.17.2005
Laborman Baton Rouge (LA), 10.17.2005
2000 Tourer (Red/Black - Fastest)
Baton Rouge,LA
Hog Killer VRCCDS0048 Tucson (AZ), 10.17.2005
Tucson AZ
Monte & Monica Holmes Goshen (IN), 10.17.2005
1999 Standard
H-2 Pleasant Grove (UT), 10.17.2005
Utah here!
Slewfoot Manassas (VA), 10.17.2005
Craig N. AZ Chandler (AZ), 10.17.2005
But it's a dry heat!
Flames Black Diamond (WA), 10.17.2005
Ride! Sleep,Eat,Eat,Ride
Joe & Pat Cobb Mount Vernon (IN), 10.17.2005
rainman -- Mt.Vernon,IN
Boner Calgary, Alberta (Canada), 10.17.2005
Paducah Sucks,eh?
Steve Whangarei, Northland (New Zealand), 10.17.2005
You better like twisties and awesome scenery if you come here!
Jane & Curt Athens (IL), 10.17.2005
'01 I/S Trike and '00 I/S
Allibaba Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada), 10.17.2005
Helloooo welcome to the Maritimes
Chris J 12590 Dayton (OH), 10.17.2005
Huber Heights,OH
Allibaba Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada), 10.17.2005
Helloooo! Welcome to the Maritimes
Valkeire Dublin, Dublin (Ireland), 10.17.2005
Hi from Ireland
Smooth as Silk #22652 Traverse City (MI), 10.17.2005
Right in the heart of God's country.
Phil Owen Hazel Green (AL), 10.17.2005
Hey Ya'll
DD New Smyrna Beach (FL), 10.17.2005
Gr/Sil 99 IS Trike
Jane & Curt Athens (IL), 10.17.2005
'01 I/S Trike and '00 I/S
1ProudGrandpa Bakersfield (CA), 10.17.2005
Me and My Lady
Roadrunner Hobbs (NM), 10.17.2005
Twist and shout
TxRedneckmedic Van Horn (TX), 10.17.2005
Im the only valk out here....come find me
blue moon Ft Mitchell (KY), 10.17.2005
Go Cats
Master Blaster Leesville (LA), 10.17.2005
VRCC 501
Sirwin Louisburg (NC), 10.17.2005
Yeah, Just Dale Mentor (OH), 10.17.2005
97 Yellow and Black
BILL H Mentor (OH), 10.17.2005
Best location in the nation
Joe & Pat Cobb Mount Vernon (IN), 10.17.2005
rainman -- Mt.Vernon,IN
KirkB Bridgeville (PA), 10.17.2005
Yo,what up?
Thunderbolt Worthington Springs (FL), 10.17.2005
BigBF Phoenix (AZ), 10.17.2005
Riding all year yah!
ubetya Indianapolis (IN), 10.17.2005
Cruisin Dave Mahomet (IL), 10.17.2005
Jeff Boonstra Haledon (NJ), 10.17.2005
Dick Brandt Hong Kong, China, 10.17.2005
Greetings from mainland China,home of the 125cc superbikes. Map would not take my city(Shekou,China)
Speeedemon Albuquerque (NM), 10.17.2005
elgato Dallas (TX), 10.17.2005
Shorty Crawfordville (FL), 10.17.2005
Crawfordville (FL)
Sherrill #1497 Rome (GA), 10.17.2005
Let's Ride
Stephen Tiffany Eagle Creek (OR), 10.17.2005
Here in God's Country.and lovin it!!!!!
Highwayman Anderson (CA), 10.17.2005
Guy Lakeland (FL), 10.17.2005
98 black
Suzirider Colorado Springs (CO), 10.17.2005
Colorado Springs,CO
Fender Colville (WA), 10.17.2005
Inzane VI or BUST!
kzrazy Hockessin (DE), 10.17.2005
Dela-where?? Where are all the east coasters
KCK Columbus (OH), 10.17.2005
If you need help in the Columbus,Ohio area I'm here bro's 614-321-4152
Big Tom Surprise (AZ), 10.17.2005
Retired and loving it
kevin okon FREEBIRD Flagstaff (AZ), 10.17.2005
Keep it shining,and keep her gliding.
Jim Davis Springdale (AR), 10.17.2005
Love to ride the Dragon
Judd Revelstoke, British Columbia (Canada), 10.17.2005
Come Ride B.C.
Jeff & Judy Christopher Crestview (FL), 10.17.2005
Riding for the SON in Naorthwest FL
Wingman(Ga) Sylvester (GA), 10.17.2005
The 2 primary colors. Black and Chrome!
gpbikerdude Layton (UT), 10.17.2005
Buffalo herder ready to ride!
QueXpress Montreal, Quebec (Canada), 10.17.2005
KiwiValk Meridian (ID), 10.17.2005
I need some more warm weather riding. Winter is coming here.
KiwiValk Meridian (ID), 10.17.2005
I need some more warm weather riding. Winter is coming here.
Randy from Burbank Burbank (CA), 10.17.2005
Hello from Burbank
CarolinaRider Charleston (SC), 10.17.2005
Valks Rule!!
Jerry Hansen Conway (AR), 10.17.2005
Its hard to be humble on a Valkyrie!
R J Des Moines (IA), 10.17.2005
Get in set down and shut up
ValkGary Jenison (MI), 10.17.2005
from the Mighty Mitten - Michigan. Stop on by,ya here !
Jump1979man Council Bluffs (IA), 10.17.2005
NautiBrit Laguna Niguel (CA), 10.17.2005
Laguna Niguel,CA
Misfit Colorado Springs (CO), 10.17.2005
DotVue Burlington (KY), 10.17.2005
Swartzy Rosemount (MN), 10.17.2005
Rock ON!
 Raymond and Rhonda Metcalf Andover (KS), 10.17.2005
Raymond and Rhonda
Drog Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada), 10.17.2005
Okanagan Valley
Drog Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada), 10.17.2005
Okanagan Valley
 Raymond and Rhonda Metcalf Andover (KS), 10.17.2005
Raymond and Rhonda
Big-T Mather (PA), 10.17.2005
The only bike that is more fly for the buy
Timbrwolf and Chili Pepper Grayling (MI), 10.17.2005
...deep in the woods of Northern Michigan. ...if ya find yerself up this way..stop in....we,ll feed ya !
mojo & SinDee Coolville (OH), 10.17.2005
Time to Pool Partee!!!
Jess Tolbirt Mount Juliet (TN), 10.17.2005
yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Love my Valk
T.Rudd, musclehead Bend (OR), 10.17.2005
hey there from the dry side!
Ron Cave Creek (AZ), 10.17.2005
Just hanging in Cave Creek!
Curmudgeon Las Vegas (NV), 10.17.2005
Year round rider!
DG #7118 Phoenix (AZ), 10.17.2005
Hello from Phoenix
Danhilde Gilbert (AZ), 10.17.2005
Hellllllooooo VRCC'ers!
ValkerDan Seattle (WA), 10.17.2005
HELLO VRCC!!!!!!!!
J P (HARD6) SONNIER Lake Charles (LA), 10.17.2005
Hoss Wickenburg (AZ), 10.17.2005
Valkyrie - an awesome machine!
TC 17888 Orlando (FL), 10.17.2005
Black Std '02
Joe Reno (NV), 10.17.2005
Here in Reno
TC 17888 Orlando (FL), 10.17.2005
Black & Chrome Std '02
Enjoy the ride!
Spencer Hames / Popsmcwhly Denver (CO), 10.17.2005
Hello All. See you @ InZane 6
Jim eberhart Kennewick (WA), 10.17.2005
Officerzman Loveland (CO), 10.17.2005
ted Beaverton (OR), 10.17.2005
sign of the snake
Joebob Tipton (IN), 10.17.2005
'99 Green/Silver I/S
Ted & Sue Swansea, Wales (United Kingdom), 10.18.2005
Hi all from Wales uk.
Bossman Monroe (WA), 10.18.2005
Where am I? What they do to my weather?
Udo Krefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), 10.18.2005
Twotone Std (black and chrome...)
flash Montreal, Quebec (Canada), 10.18.2005
winter,haaaaaaaaaa !!!!!
Woody Cape Coral (FL), 10.18.2005
ride year round
JohnL Deltona (FL), 10.18.2005
Canon Quincy (IL), 10.18.2005
Anybody else close by?
Canon Quincy (IL), 10.18.2005
Anybody else close by?
sarge Indianapolis (IN), 10.18.2005
VRCC !!!

Bluvalk Redford (MI), 10.18.2005
Overkill Chester (WV), 10.18.2005
Whaaaaaatsssss Uuuuuppppp!!!!!
Rudy Chelsea (MI), 10.18.2005
Larry Moore & Evil Twin 2 Castlewood (VA), 10.18.2005
pogo Georgetown (TX), 10.18.2005
Georgetown Texas
Zots Grand Rapids (MN), 10.18.2005
'99 I/S Blk and Red
Bird Grand Rapids (MN), 10.18.2005
'97 Tourer Red and White
Micmac Henderson (NC), 10.18.2005
The BESTEST bike ever!
richard Tampa (FL), 10.18.2005
tampa (fl)
Megavalk Porthcawl, Wales (United Kingdom), 10.18.2005
Tony ( Porthcawl )
Don in SC Sumter (SC), 10.18.2005
Drop in anytime
Michael K (Fl) Ormond Beach (FL), 10.18.2005
Ya'll can ride alla time in Florida! (If'n you avoid the hurricanes!)
ZekeValk Sumter (SC), 10.18.2005
Love them Valks
Mr. Mac Lexington (SC), 10.18.2005
98 Valk in SC
Devlin Evansville (IN), 10.18.2005
98 2 Tone!
Six Pack Fort Lauderdale (FL), 10.18.2005
South East Florida is alive.
Leon Stallings Valk2001 Salley (SC), 10.18.2005
F6 in South Carolina
Leon Stallings Valk2001 Salley (SC), 10.18.2005
F6 in South Carolina
Bashfulbob Johnson City (TN), 10.18.2005
dalai-lama Watertown (CT), 10.18.2005
Robert #17651 Lugoff (SC), 10.18.2005
Valks KICK ass!!! Screw the taking names....We really don't wanna know anyway. LOL
Seedy New Haven (IN), 10.18.2005
Cry Havoc,and let slip the dogs of war!
Valkernaut Gainesboro (TN), 10.18.2005
Located on our version of Deals Gap.
ValkyRick The Colony (TX), 10.18.2005
faster than a speeding bullit
ChuckinVA Ruckersville (VA), 10.18.2005
Don't know where I'm going,but I'll know when I get there.
PK Miami (FL), 10.18.2005
Way South
Honest Henry Mission Viejo (CA), 10.18.2005
Mission Viejo,CA
Honest Henry Mission Viejo (CA), 10.18.2005
Mission Viejo,CA
Duffy Atlanta (GA), 10.18.2005
99 Standard

Ride on!
Duffy Atlanta (GA), 10.18.2005
99 Standard

Let's ride before it gets too cold.
Jim Orr Chandler (OK), 10.18.2005
Torch663 Marcus Hook (PA), 10.18.2005
Hoosier Daddy Bedford (IN), 10.18.2005
"Wherever you go,there you are..." Buckaroo Banzai... & I'll meet you there!!! Paul....
Highbinder & LadyDraco Bastian (VA), 10.18.2005
New home... Ya got to love the power ! ! ! !
j.j. forbes Southampton, England (United Kingdom), 10.18.2005
new forest southampton uk.
dream machine
Homey Marion (AR), 10.18.2005
Valk forever!!
Janni & Henny Veenendaal, Utrecht (Netherlands), 10.18.2005
Ride to live....
Walter Melchers Kerkrade, Limburg (Netherlands), 10.18.2005
2000 F6C (Valkyrie Europe)
2002 Valkyrie Interstate
2005 Valkyrie Rune
Draco Hillsboro (OR), 10.18.2005
Darkside Rules!
john wehlermann Florissant (MO), 10.18.2005
living in a sea of harleys
Tony Saluda (SC), 10.18.2005
Me and the Mrs. on the Dragon
Wes Moore Johnson City (TX), 10.18.2005
Texas Ranger Arlington (TX), 10.18.2005
Best BBQ in town
Touchstone Colleyville (TX), 10.18.2005
Bigger in Texas now means a Valk with a sidecar and the extra ballast from too much Mexican food.
Max Circleville (OH), 10.18.2005
OVRCC- Circleville
hans huijbers Best, Noord-Brabant (Netherlands), 10.18.2005
rij door tot het niet meer gaat,dan kan je nog lang rijden,f6c
six2go Fort Wayne (IN), 10.18.2005
C'mon July,we're Colorado bound!

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